Toyota’s New Headquarters in Dallas Causes Excitement in Texas and Within The Company

There’s big new in Dallas and it comes from within the Toyota company. The latest addition to Dallas companies lucky enough to have headquarters in the Alamo state is causing excitement in the local business scene as well as within the company. Reportedly, seventy-five percent of employees would prefer to transfer to the three-hundred million dollar headquarters being built in Plano texas. Not only will the new headquarters building contain all the amenities expected in a typical world leader business, but also features such as a pharmacy. Employees will be treated to some of the most luxurious working conditions. All while utilizing some of the latest technology in the industry. Toyata’s New Headquarters in Dallas will be shining example of modern engineering and industry standards.

The news is, the majority of Toyota’s have gone wild over the idea of working in this state-of-the-art facility. The sprawling corporate center will cover approximately two million square feet and about one-hundred acres. Digital renderings indicate a well thought-out design that includes five buildings ranging in height and size. This new center will contain dining and fitness centers to make life more comfortable for employees and make the work day more enjoyable. Although construction has barely begun, the plans have created quite a bit of excitement. This major undertaking will allow Toyota to consolidate all its major US centers into one major business center.

Typically, major corporate movements result in a loss of up to seventy-five percent loss of employees, it doesn’t appear that this will happen. Although there have been some losses already, it’s not going to be as bad as move corporate moves have been. Toyota has shown no intention of making considerable cuts in their workforce. Major departments such as financing, engineering, sales, and corporate service will be located on a single campus. Since its establishment in the United States in nineteen seventy-five, Toyota’s major departments have been spread across the country. This will no longer be the case. Although some positions will be eliminated due to this consolidation, most departments will remain similar in size and function.

Construction has begun in Plano, along with the creation of temporary offices in the area. The considerable size of this undertaking indicates a rather long time frame for the project, everything appears to be on schedule. Completion is projected for next year, a rather speedy completion date considering the size and complexity of the project. The campus has been dubbed Toyota One by employees and project authorities. The construction is well underway and is already beginning to look like a world-class corporate center. It looks as though everything will be ready when thousands of workers begin to migrate to the area.

Big things are planned for the future of this campus. Consolidation of jobs and the creation of new projects have been cited in several statements from corporate representatives. The cost of the project is considered lower than typical, but there are some considerable expenses to absorb. Making up for these costs means making some bold moves to bolster sales and improve profits. All things considered, this is a major move for Toyota, from which big things are expected to emerge. Anyone interested in the latest news on the project can check with the company directly or with any major news outlet or social media hub. Project enthusiasts have already started making predictions as to what can be expected in the future as well as projections of what this move means for the company as a whole. Opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, but official news is still forthcoming as of yet.